Interview with Aversions Crown

Jackson Price interviews Aversions Crown guitarist Mick Jeffery

Jackson: Hey guys! It’s awesome to see you back playing Brisbane again after starting 2019 with both a huge European tour and a slot on Australia’s second ever Download festival. How is the rest of the year shaping up for you?  
Mick: We’re off to Japan in June to do our first ever tour there with Suffocation and The Faceless. Then we are finishing off album number 4 for release later this year. We’ll be backing up the release with a string of tours!
Jackson: With DoW being a hometown show for AC, does that make it one of the more relaxed shows on your calendar at the moment? 
Mick: Hometown shows are relaxed in the sense that we don’t have to travel, but you always have a bunch of friends you’re trying to catch up with. Lots of fun but no time to relax! 
Jackson: Or do the hometown crowds bring out something different in your shows? 
Mick: It’s been a while, we’re keen to see what the Brisbane crowd has in store for us.  
Jackson: It’s been 2 years since Xenocide was released, has there been much time to think about writing new music in amongst the crazy touring schedules and all other things band related since then? 
Mick: We’ve been working hard on album number 4 and we should be releasing some new music very soon. 
Jackson: What can punters expect from your upcoming show at DoW, obviously you are on the Xenocide tour cycle still, but what other songs or albums are getting a solid workout in your live shows?
MickA-We still play songs from the band’s back catalogue as well, but this will likely be the last Brisbane show on the Xenocycle so expect a lot of songs from Xenocide in the set.

Catch Aversions Crown at the Dead of Winter Festival. 
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