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Interview with Bare Bones

Adam Hindle interviews JD from Bare Bones

Adam: This year will be Bare Bones' first appearance at Dead of Winter. Since cutting your festival-teeth at Sound Wave in 2015, then Unify in 2017, and Halloween Hysteria Festival and Big Sound in 2018, is there a level of anticipation within the band for performing at DOW festival this year?
JD: We are really excited to be a part of DOW, it has become such a staple not only in the heavy music community, but the festival circuit in general. Each year it grows bigger and bigger! We have a bunch of mates who have played previous DOW’s and everyone raves about how fun it is, we can’t wait!
Adam: How would you describe your music and live set?
JD:The best description we have probably ever read is that Bare Bones sound like a combination of Metallica and Comeback Kid! When it comes to a live show, we just like to have a good time and not take it too seriously. The name “Bare Bones” really reflects our attitude to playing live, no backing tracks,…

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