Interview with Bare Bones

Adam Hindle interviews JD from Bare Bones

Adam: This year will be Bare Bones' first appearance at Dead of Winter. Since cutting your festival-teeth at Sound Wave in 2015, then Unify in 2017, and Halloween Hysteria Festival and Big Sound in 2018, is there a level of anticipation within the band for performing at DOW festival this year?

JD: We are really excited to be a part of DOW, it has become such a staple not only in the heavy music community, but the festival circuit in general. Each year it grows bigger and bigger! We have a bunch of mates who have played previous DOW’s and everyone raves about how fun it is, we can’t wait!

Adam: How would you describe your music and live set?

JD:The best description we have probably ever read is that Bare Bones sound like a combination of Metallica and Comeback Kid! When it comes to a live show, we just like to have a good time and not take it too seriously. The name “Bare Bones” really reflects our attitude to playing live, no backing tracks, no bells and whistles, just good old fashion Rock n Roll.

Adam: For the uninitiated punter, which of your songs would you encourage them to check out as a pre-festival motivator?

JD:The lead single from our debut full length called “Thick as Thieves”, it’s encapsulates everything that is Bare Bones, big riffs, big drums, and gritty Tom Kennedy vocals! But keep your eyes and ears open, we might have a few surprises coming before we hit DOW.

Adam: Dead of Winter Festival is basically a big party for not only the fans, but the bands as well. We often find bands getting involved in signings at the merch stand and hanging in the crowd. What are the chances of catching up with Bare Bones off the stage this year?

JD: Of course! The best thing about playing a festival is kicking it not only with the other bands, but all the punters! We love getting amongst it all!

Adam: What's your must see act at this year's DOW?

JD:There is too many to list! Definitely COG, also really keen to catch Neptune Power Federation, Nick Oliveri, and our dudes in Hammers!


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